About MasterChef Edition

About DiningCity

DiningCity is a premium restaurant platform in Hong Kong and across Asia. Diners can browse the best deals, reviews, special menus, make instant reservations, and enjoy special “Off-Peak” time-based discounts of up to 50%. DiningCity is also the organizer of “Restaurant Week”, “Brunch Weekend” and “Elite Dining Week” in Hong Kong. http://www.diningcity.hk/

About MasterChef Edition

MasterChef Edition is the latest dining program organized by DiningCity. In partnership with Hang Seng Credit Card, we present a diversified selection of talented Chef professionals who have proven to strive for excellence in their work, committing to use the best ingredients in the best possible way, on a daily basis. Each Master Chef has created a unique tasting menu specially for the enjoyment of our customers. 

A Master Chef knows how heat changes the ingredients, knows how to use a knife and lead a team. MasterChef Edition is all about the Chefs and their unique ways of preparation, presentation, and cooking. Each Chef has a unique vision of how to create dishes and what type of ingredients to use. These professionals lead their team in ways that create an atmosphere of unity in their own kitchen. They are the stars behind each signature dish that is served. 

In Hong Kong we are lucky to have so many talented Chefs from all over the world. In DiningCity Special – MasterChef Edition, the Chefs that we selected for you have unique vision of how to execute the preparation and presentation of dishes, which are all pieces of art on a plate. We present you a glimpse into some of them. 

Click on the restaurant list to find out our selections, and make your online bookings now. The program will only last up to 5 August 2020. 


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